2018 Summer Sizzler ReCap

The Masters 6 vs Columbus Veterans 3 Championship Game : The Masters 6 vs. Columbus 3 The largest turnout and talent pool in the history of Dek Hockey in Northeast Ohio saw 12 teams battling for the coveted Sizzler trophy. The field included an exciting schedule filled with 1 goal victories and a sudden death overtime (Thunder Turtles over Pittsburgh AIT). The Masters claimed their second consecutive victory with several cliff hangers on the way, including the hockey star studded Trashers (Cody Black of the US Nat’l Team) and 5 O’Clock Somewhere. The final hosted a 6-3 victory by the Masters over visiting Columbus. For Columbus Chad Kimbleton registered a hat trick with Columbus’ goali

Spring Season Champions

Boilermakers 5 vs. Westcor 3 Westcor finished the league undefeated and favored in the Final. They had also beaten the Boilermakers decisively in regular season play, most recently with a stunning first goal by Kim Piszczor from Sarah Timms after a cross court pass. But not today. Dean Kelly paced the Boilers with an early goal from Matt Kish, and continued carrying the red orb into the offensive zone throughout the game. Add a couple more goals from hockey players Matt Kish and A.J. Bailey, defense and assists from hockey Dad Rob Kish and Seanna Conway, and a brilliant evening in net for Rob Kish. The recipe cooks a second Boiler Playoff victory over a league champion in local dek hocke

Mayfield Heights City Park

Mayfield, Ohio