Cleveland Dek Hockey Opening Day In Mayfield Heights- June 29

Cleveland Dek Hockey’s opening day in Mayfield Heights lit up the afternoon with four barn burner contests in the fast and furious Division 1. This is without question the top street hockey forum in Ohio. Shoot First 8 5 O’Clock Somewhere 7 The first Dek Hockey game in Mayfield Heights was characterized by speed, hustle and finesse. What began as a 4 goal rally and potential blow out ended in a cliff hanger down to the very last second of stop time. Shoot First tallied goals from Sean Burke (3)and Bo Zinner(2), with more points from teammates Brad Mackenzie and John Kuzniar. They were met with steady resistance from Garrett Sadler(son-hat trick) and Sean Sadler(dad), Liam Conway (Brock Un

Mayfield Heights City Park

Mayfield, Ohio