2021 League info ! 

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  • ​Adult Leagues (Men and Women)

    • Spring 2021 = 8 Week Season​ Game days are 1 per week on Sunday afternoons 

    • Summer  2021 = 8 Week Season​ Game days are 1 per week on Sunday afternoons

    • Fall/Winter 2021 = 15 Game Season 

  • Youth Leagues are separated into 2 groups based on grade level: K-2 and 3-5.  Each session will be 6 weeks and have a practice and a game each week.  Cost is $75 per participant per session.

Adult Free Agent Cost = $80 + $10 jersey fee = $90 

Adult Team Cost

 $80/player (6+G)

All Subs are restricted to 2 at $10 games. Sub players must become full time players after 2 sub games 

Youth League Cost


Youth League INFO- MOCK Schedule below from 2020 Season








Adult League 18+ Must have a team captain

Can be 14+ but parents will need to sign the participation wavier

*Women can play in all divisions- Many co-ed teams play D2*


Divison 1: Teams must have 7-10 players including a goalie

*Players with previous hockey/ball hockey experience.


Divison 2: Teams must have 7-10 players including a goalie

*Players with little or no hockey/ball hockey experience (more recreational.)


  • Teams must have at least 1 female or 2 players over 35

  • D2 teams may not play with more than 2 D1 players during a game. "D1" players will be designated by the league officials.

  • D1 subs may be used but if the game results in victory then the game will not be used in any tie breaker​


Teams must be submitted with 7-10 players and must have a goalie. Each season is 7 weeks long, ending the season with playoffs and a championship game! 


Equipment: Helmet, gloves, Dekhockey approved stick, running shoes and shin pads (Available at the Dekhockey pro shop for rent or purchase)​

The team captain is responsible for turning in registration (roster and team fee), making sure team is aware of the basic regulations and paying the registration fee of $775. An informational meeting will be given to the captains before the start of each season with the explanation of rules and the game of Dekhockey.

Mayfield Heights City Park

Mayfield, Ohio